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CurrencyFair Review

CurrencyFair Review

Long gone are the days when needing to transfer money meant going to Western Union or the bank, paying whatever rates they wanted to give you that day. Now there are now hundreds of online companies that offer all manner of transfers. CurrencyFair is one such company. Like many others, CurrencyFair utilizes a peer-to-peer system to make transfers cheaper, faster, safer, and easier. But are they the best? Let’s take an in-depth look at everything CurrencyFair offers and see how they stack up against similar companies in the online transfer business.

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How to transfer money from the USA to Australia

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Sending money to Australia can be challenging and expensive, especially when making regular bank transfers. Not only money but time matters. Western Union estimates up to 7 days to complete a transfer of 1000 USD to Australia. So how to send money from the USA to Australia avoiding high fees and slow delivery? Fortunately, three are better options provided by well known and trustworthy P2P providers like Wise, previously know as TransferWise, and CurrencyFair. Let’s dive deeper into the topic and see what do they offer comparing to your bank and Western Union. Continue reading

CurrencyFair Growth Foundation In Place

Brett Meyers, the founder of CurrencyFair, has positioned his Irish-based fintech firm for growth. In a series of funding, rebranding, and recruiting, the firm has sought to garner the human and financial capital aimed at giving the company the resources it requires to grow its business.

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To this end, CurrencyFair has raised €8 million $8.8 million in its latest round of funding as well as recruited top-rated management team in Sylvie McDermott and Paul Byrne. Lead by Octopus Ventures and Frontline Ventures, the latest round of funding bring the total amount of funds raised by the Irish-based startup to roughly €20 million, giving the company sufficient funds to finance its growth ambitions. Continue reading

CurrencyFair vs Wise (formerly TransferWise): 5 important aspects to compare

Transferwise vs. CurrencyfairWhen I first started sending money overseas, I made sure to do plenty of research to find out the best peer to peer payment providers that I could use. My basic criteria were that the company should be legal, easy to access, safe, and have no hidden fees or charges. My final choice came down to Wise (TransferWise) vs. CurrencyFair, and I made the decision to go with Wise. Here are the five reasons that made my choice possible. Continue reading