The Benefits Of Using Wise for Remittance to India

If you send money to India frequently using bank and wire transfers, then you know how expensive it is. If you want to send money to India without paying exorbitant transfer fees, Wise, formerly TransferWise, is the answer to your prayers. Wise is an inexpensive, smart and secure way to wire money directly to family and friends in India. This currency exchange service allows you to send money to India from USA or from Europe to India without any hassle. You can also send outward remittance from India. Here are some benefits of using Wise.Remittance to your family in India

Inexpensive and Competitive Remittance Fee

Wise understands how hard you have to work for your money and that is why they offer a low transfer fee for their service. Many banks and remittance service providers often charge a fee based on the amount of money that you are sending. The more money you are sending, the higher the transfer fee. However, with this company, this is not a factor as they employ a fixed rate fee of 0.5% compared to the 5% that banks and Paypal charges. This rate is simply unheard of and you’ll never get a better bargain anywhere else. This ridiculously low rate means you save money and can afford to send even more money from abroad to your family in India.


Fast India RemittanceWise is quite convenient and affords you the opportunity to send India remittance from the comfort of your home or business. This saves you time standing in long bank lines or remittance lines. Wise saves you time to do more of the things you want to do. The system is user friendly and the process is as quick and easy as 1-2-3. A couple of clicks is all it takes.


Remittance delivery is fast and efficient with Wise. Send money from With this service your relatives in India can get the money you wired between one and two days or even earlier.

Fair Rates

Wise offers the best value for money. This currency exchange company offers the fairest exchange rate anywhere on the planet. Therefore you will never feel cheated or feel as though you got the short end of the stick when you send outward remittance from India.


Wise lays everything out on the table for you to see. There are no hidden costs and they deliver the money to your recipient within the promised time or earlier.


Transferwise is safeSending India remittances through Wise is safe and Secure. They employ the tightest security software and strategies, to ensure safety of transactions. In fact, the company has transferred $250 million to date without any security issues. You simply can’t get any safer than that. Wise is registered as a fully authorized payments institution in the USA and Europe.

If you send India remittance from USA or Europe on a regular basis, Wise will help you save a small fortune with their low transfer rate and exceptional exchange rates. Wise is fast, efficient, reliable and convenient. You only need to use this service once to realize that you no longer need to send remittances through the bank.

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