CurrencyFair Growth Foundation In Place

Brett Meyers, the founder of CurrencyFair, has positioned his Irish-based fintech firm for growth. In a series of funding, rebranding, and recruiting, the firm has sought to garner the human and financial capital aimed at giving the company the resources it requires to grow its business.

Brett Meyers CurrencyFair at Web Summit

To this end, CurrencyFair has raised €8 million $8.8 million in its latest round of funding as well as recruited top-rated management team in Sylvie McDermott and Paul Byrne. Lead by Octopus Ventures and Frontline Ventures, the latest round of funding bring the total amount of funds raised by the Irish-based startup to roughly €20 million, giving the company sufficient funds to finance its growth ambitions. Continue reading

Western Union – Pros and Cons for sending money abroad

Western Union LogoSeveral years ago, I was using the services of Western Union to send money overseas, seeing as it is a reputable company that has been in the market since 1851 as a leading money transfer service. For the most part, I had no problems with their services, and I settled into accepting what Western Union has to offer. However, I later came across Wise , that was called TransferWise at that point, and realized that it was possible to get better service. The rates were noticeable better, and the transfers are fast, taking a day, half a day, or sometimes, just a few hours. Continue reading

Wise, formerly TransferWise, Complaints and Quick Resolutions

transferwise complaints and resolutionBefore I make any decisions to purchase a product or try out a new service, I take the time to find out what customers have to say about the product. For me, customer reviews, especially the TransferWise complaints, give an indication of what is really happening with the company. Wise takes the time to listen to their customers, understand their problems and solve them as soon as possible, and better than the customer expected. It is clear to me that they place emphasis on managing their reputation. Here are some of the typical complaints I have come across, including the steps that the company has taken to resolve the issues. Continue reading

Money transfers now are much faster with Wise

I’m living and working abroad for about five years so far and as any other expat I quickly faced the problem of sending money to home country. Moreover, I’m frontier worker who work in Gibraltar and live in Spain. Different countries, different currencies and I had to find a way how to sort out my money transfers between them. The cost of a transaction makes me think twice about how much I am sending, and how often. Then I discovered TransferWise, which changed it’s name to Wise recently, and it was as though my eyes opened for the first time. Continue reading

HiFX vs Wise, formerly TransferWise

Choosing between any two competing service providers can be a very daunting task. This is what hits you when you want to choose between HiFX and Wise. Wise, originally TransferWise, is a British start-up money service company established by the founders of Skype and PayPal in 2011. They started an easy and new initiative to convey money between people instead of countries.

No one likes wasting timeHiFX was founded in 1998. It has its head office in UK Windsor, Berkshire. It was formed solely to solve the question why it cost so much to send money overseas and seek to provide a cheaper means to do so by offering better exchange rates. HiFX is privately owned. It was acquired in 2014 by NASDAQ listed Euronet Worldwide, Inc. Continue reading

CurrencyFair vs Wise (formerly TransferWise): 5 important aspects to compare

Transferwise vs. CurrencyfairWhen I first started sending money overseas, I made sure to do plenty of research to find out the best peer to peer payment providers that I could use. My basic criteria were that the company should be legal, easy to access, safe, and have no hidden fees or charges. My final choice came down to Wise (TransferWise) vs. CurrencyFair, and I made the decision to go with Wise. Here are the five reasons that made my choice possible. Continue reading

Sir Richard Branson -The Business Magnate Invests In Transferwise, the International Money Transfer Platform

Sir Richard Branson invests in TransferwiseSurveys indicate that immigrants and business corporations transfer billions of dollars all over the world. By 2015 according to the World Bank, $515 billion will be transferred.

Sir Richard Branson better known as founder of Virgin group of companies decided to back Transferwise, an online transaction start-up whose aim is to tap into the huge money transfer market and revolutionize the way the way things work by stamping out hidden charges that other transfer institutions like banks impose on customers.

Transferwise has received a funding of $25million from sir Branson, Peter Thiel, Index Ventures and IA ventures. This has been viewed as a stamp of approval by many especially customers who are always on the lookout for cheaper, easier ways to transfer their cash. To date, the total financial backing of the company stands at $33million in which the founder of PayPal, Max Levchin contributed 1.3 million dollars. Continue reading

The Benefits Of Using Wise for Remittance to India

If you send money to India frequently using bank and wire transfers, then you know how expensive it is. If you want to send money to India without paying exorbitant transfer fees, Wise, formerly TransferWise, is the answer to your prayers. Wise is an inexpensive, smart and secure way to wire money directly to family and friends in India. This currency exchange service allows you to send money to India from USA or from Europe to India without any hassle. You can also send outward remittance from India. Here are some benefits of using Wise.Remittance to your family in India Continue reading

Is Wise, formerly Transferwise, safe?

Transferwise is safe

Safety is one of the most important aspects of anything related to your money. It’s natural to be extra careful and try to get as much details as possible when looking for online financial service. If you are reading this article then most probably you have questions about Transferwise that has changed it’s name to Wise recently. Is it secure and reliable partner for your money transfers? Yes, it definitely is and this article reveals various facts that proves that.

Note: TransferWise officially changed it’s name to Wise in April 2021

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