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The Benefits Of Using TransferWise for Remittance to India

If you send money to India frequently using bank and wire transfers, then you know how expensive it is. If you want to send money to India without paying exorbitant transfer fees, TransferWise is the answer to your prayers. TransferWise is an inexpensive, smart and secure way to wire money directly to family and friends in India. This currency exchange service allows you to send money to India from USA or from Europe to India without any hassle. You can also send outward remittance from India. Here are some benefits of using TransferWise.Remittance to your family in India Continue reading

How to use Transferwise

Making payments with Transferwise is very straight forward. Their website has intuitive and simple interface and the entire process takes just a couple of minutes. In order to place your order you need:

  1. Select currencies you like to send and receive
  2. Provide the amount you would like to send
  3. Fill in recipient’s account details (same as for regular bank transfers)
  4. Open a new browser window and login to your internet bank. You’ll need to make a regular bank transfer to the account provided on your Transferwise payment confirmation page. Make sure you put a correct reference number as it’s used to link your bank transfer with your Transferwise payment.

For your regular payments I would recommend to save the recipient details in order to speed up your further payments.

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There is a nice video that illustrates entire process.

Transferwise – how it works?

Transferwise puzzleTransferwise is a revolutionary money transfer service that’s changes the way how we think about fund transfers. Unlikely banks and typical payment systems they transfer money between people rather than countries. It may sound complicated from the beginning but the idea under the hood is very simple.


The remarkable thing is that all people who take part are helping each other to make their payments happen. Continue reading

Is Transferwise safe?

Transferwise is safe

Safety is one of the most important aspects of anything related to your money. It’s natural to be extra careful and try to get as much details as possible when looking for online financial service. If you are reading this article then most probably you have questions about Transferwise. Is it secure and reliable partner for your money transfers? Yes, it definitely is and this article reveals various facts that proves that.

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